2020, issue 1, p. 93-98

Received 17.02.2020; Revised 29.02.2020; Accepted 10.03.2020

Published 31.03.2020; First Online 26.04.2020


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Oleksiy Bahatskji 1,   Valentyn Bahatskji 1 * ORCID ID favicon Big

1 V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Kyiv, Ukraine

* Correspondence: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


At the V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics the “Yakist-E1” – electric power quality measuring device, was developed. The device uses new method and structure of a quality determination, and is based on calculating the deviations from the nominal values of voltage and frequency values. The methodical error of level quantization for a 10-bit ADC is ± 0.1%. To achieve an approximation error of ± 0.1%, it is necessary to measure the voltage near the amplitude value after 170 μs. The channel for voltage measuring in the device consists of a voltage transformer, a high-precision resistive divider that scales and biases the input voltage, a reference voltage source (VREF) and an ADC, which built into the microcontroller. The device “Yakist-E1” uses an 8-bit microcontroller type C8051F320, which has a 10-bit ADC with an input signal range from 0 to 2.5 V.

The output voltage of the VREF from the chip to the controller chip can vary from 2.38 V to 2.5 V. In addition, different transformer sensors may have different transfer characteristics, which may be non-linear. Therefore, to indicate the values of the measured voltage on the alphanumeric indicator, a piecewise linear approximation of the results of measuring the ADC is used.

 The transfer and temperature characteristics of the voltage transformer were measured for forward and reverse passages, and, according to the results, was discovered that the temperature error is very small and practically does not affect the accuracy of the sensor and the sensor has hysteresis, the calculated errors do not exceed ± 1%. All this errors were corrected. To determine the deviation of the amplitude value from the nominal value, only 8 low-order bits of the ADC are used. This trick grants that ADC result can be processed by a single command of the microcontroller, which increases processing speed of the channel.


Keywords: measuring channel, sensor, transfer characteristics, errors, approximation.


Cite as: Bahatskji O., Bahatskji V. Channel of Measurement and Indication of 220 Voltage in the device «Quality-E1». Cybernetics and Computer Technologies. 2020. 1. 93–98. (in Ukrainian) https://doi.org/10.34229/2707-451X.20.1.10



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