2022, issue 2, p. 67-73

Received 09.09.2022; Revised 17.09.2022; Accepted 29.09.2022

Published 30.09.2022; First Online 05.10.2022


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MSC 68U10; 68U35

Technologies for Creating Holographic 3D Showcase Presentations

Ihor Tyshchenko ORCID ID favicon Big

State University of Trade and Economics, Kyiv

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Introduction. The article considers the aspects of using modern information technologies in the creating of presentations. Technologies for creating holographic 3D showcase presentations using well-known presentation applications are analyzed. One of the innovative devices and technologies for reproducing presentations is a holographic 3D showcase and holographic technologies. The operation of devices that are new to users require prior training or a significant amount of educational materials on the Internet. Optimizing the work process through the variability of the use of already known software will save time on training and avoid mistakes when operating new technological devices.

The purpose of the work is to investigate methods of developing content for a holographic 3D showcase using publicly available applications and to develop requirements for presentations that can be created on them.

The work highlights the research materials, in which the existing software for creating presentations were compared and the most optimal program was chosen. In the process of work the methods of scientific research “analysis” and “comparison” were applied. The requirements for the content of the holographic 3D showcase were analyzed and recommendations for the development of media content  based on them were created.

Results. In the course of the analytical study, methodological guidelines for the development of presentation materials that would be able to be converted into 3D images by displaying them on a holographic 3D showcase were obtained.

Conclusions. The article describes the methodology for creating presentation materials for a holographic 3D showcase, which will allow optimizing the process of developing media materials by using Microsoft PowerPoint. Recommendations for the development of materials will help to understand more deeply the specific features of the functioning of the holographic 3D showcase.


Keywords: presentations, PowerPoint, 3D, 2D, information technologies, software, holography.


Cite as: Tyshchenko I. Technologies for Creating Holographic 3D Showcase Presentations. Cybernetics and Computer Technologies. 2022. 2. P. 67–73. (in Ukrainian) https://doi.org/10.34229/2707-451X.22.2.7



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